Jungle Drop Groovy, Retro New Single “Dominoes,” Announce New Album


Jungle have remained one of the funkiest, classiest outfits throughout their 9+ year career. They’ve begun to roll out their forthcoming fourth studio-album, Volcano, and have just released the latest single, “Dominoes.”

Jungle have always maintained a sound that’s both groovy and mellow at the same time. “Dominoes” finds the iconic UK duo once again riding that line. They’ve incorporated the retro feeling of sampling without actually sampling as various vocal styles lend a soulful quality to the tune. Underneath it all is a danceable beat sprinkled with top-notch instrumentals.

As is customary to the release, they’ve included a cinema-like, dance-forward music video for your viewing pleasure. Check out the official music video below and enjoy!

Jungle – Dominoes