Jungle Surprise Drop 2 New Songs “GOOD TIMES” & “PROBLEMZ”


It wasn’t too long ago that Jungle released their acclaimed 2021 album Loving In Stereo. They’re already back with new music, however, as the duo released two new singles for us. On Memorial Day, the duo delivered “GOOD TIMES” and “PROBLEMZ.”

These two new songs pick up right where the London-based group left off with their last album. Both “GOOD TIMES” and “PROBLEMZ” are beaming with funk and disco-laced grooves that beckon you to get up and move, no matter where you are. The instrumentation in this is fantastic too, with high-energy orchestral melodies making magic with hard basslines.

Similar to the rollout of Loving In Stereo, Jungle enlisted a dance troop to choreograph an entire dance routine for each track. You can check out the new song, along with the videos of the dance performances below. Enjoy!