Quickly-Rising Artists Justin Hartinger & Tinsley Reunite On Emotional New Collab “Skin”


Nearly a year after his last release, Justin Hartinger has returned with a fresh new tune! Having teamed up yet again with the fantastically gifted Tinsley, the Seattle-based pair have unveiled an emotional new single “Skin“.

Following up his 2019 groover “Lovesick“, Hartinger has offered up a similarly melancholic track perched on a vastly different sonic landscape from the former. Carrying the same underlying tone of heartbreak, Tinsley lends her immaculate, subdued vocals into a flurry of passionate flurry of fluttering synths, crisp, skittering percussion and deep, thumping bass.

Featuring an approach to sound design and song structure truly innovative yet comfortably indicative of Hartinger’s immense talents, we’re hoping there’s a lot more where this came from. Stream “Skin” below and enjoy!

Justin Hartinger – Skin (feat. Tinsley)