Justin Jay Drops Amazing, Genre Blending Album ‘everything will come together pt. 1’ + Exclusive Interview

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Justin Jay has quickly ascended on the list for our favorite artists over the past year. He’s always been the king of vibey and funky house music, but he’s now taken his sound to the next level. We were thoroughly impressed with the direction of his recent singles from his brand new album, everything will come together, pt. 1, and today that album is officially released.

This new project by Justin Jay isn’t just a house music album. It playfully walks the line between indie, dance music, and psych rock, channeling a unique sound that Justin Jay has seemingly  been harnessing over his career. We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result.

Everything Will Come Together isn’t just a beautifully written sonic journey, but a concept album focusing on relationships as well, something that Justin elaborates on in our interview below.

This one is a must listen. This project has a little bit of everything in it and it’s all executed very tastefully. Everything Will Come Together is a perfect, groovy album for the summertime. We think you’ll like it.

Stream the album below, and check out the interview we did with Justin Jay himself as well.

Justin Jay – everything will come together, pt. 1

Hey Justin, congrats on the new album! How does it feel to get this project out there?

Thanks, yeah it’s so exciting!! These songs are a time capsule from a little over a year ago so it feels great to finally get them out.

What’s the story and meaning behind Everything Will Come Together Pt. 1?

“Everything Will Come Together” picks up where I left off after my Home album. On my last album, I had a big reset moment where I pumped the breaks on my career, moved back in with my parents, and timidly tried singing and writing actual songs for the first time. It was a stressful time and I was grappling with some intense anxiety. The time capsule captured on Everything Will Come Together Pt. 1 is me getting back on my feet, and being a single (yet awkward) guy in LA. I’ve been joking that it’s like 500 Days of Summer. There’s a love interest, it’s unclear if it’s gonna work out or not, and whether it does or doesn’t, you gotta just hope that “everything will come together” (on the inside). It’s a mantra that I try to tell myself even when it seems like everything is falling apart. With relationships, even if they don’t work out, I think it’s important to trust that things will work out the way they’re meant to, and that sense of completeness will happen internally no matter what. Obviously, it’s easier said than done, hence why it’s a double album haha.

There’s quite a mix of sounds on this. What was your inspiration to blend genres in this way?

I’d been listening to a lot of non-dance music (Tame Impala, Mac Demarco, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Vinyl Williams, etc). I’d also done my first tour with a full live-band which had been one of my childhood aspirations. When I was in middle school I really wanted to learn how to play guitar, but my hands weren’t tough enough for it haha. Benny Bridges had been teaching me some of the basics and I got to lay down guitar for the first time on these songs (although Ben helped fill in the more advanced parts with his guitar playing). When I make music, I’m often trying to make myself dance, so I think there’s still a house/dance underpinning across most of the album, even during the more “rock” moments. Hopefully we can keep people dancing even if there’s guitars and live drums through these songs.

How has your approach to songwriting changed over your career leading up to this project?

I think I’m getting a little bit more comfortable with songwriting. A couple years back, I didn’t even understand what being a songwriter meant. As a guy who was making instrumental club music, it seemed really foreign. But now it’s one of my favorite, most gratifying musical pursuits. I love lyrics and melody, and I feel like I have so much to learn/explore, and that excites me.

Do you have a favorite memory in the journey of creating this project?

One of my favorite memories was writing “Learn.” I met this girl at a music festival who I’d fallen head over heels for. On the first night, we were becoming friends. On the second night, right before going to bed, we had a summer camp kiss moment (not like making out or french kissing, nothing PG-13). It was soo awesome and I had butterflies while trying to fall asleep that night. On the third night, I ran into her and was suuuuper awkward. I couldn’t think of anything to say and got super in my head. So when I went to bed, I was really sad and thought that I blew it and it was all over, so I wrote the chords and sang into my computer microphone “we all got a lot to learn.” It was me grappling with my awkwardness/insecurities. The story didn’t end there which makes me look back fondly on the memory. Funny how you can get so caught up in a moment of pessimism even when you don’t need to.

Is there a particular song on the project you enjoyed making the most?

“i know ur out there” is probably one of the most ambitious songs I’ve ever made, especially harmonically. I really like the chords I used on the song. The song modulates to different keys between different sections and crafting it all in a smooth way was really satisfying. Production wise, it channels a lot of different influences which is cool but also a challenge. I’m so happy that it’s done, a lot went into it! Shout out to Benny Bridges for the acoustic guitar playing and Nick Kennerly on the violin.

What can fans look forward to next?

I’m hitting the road with the Fantastic Voyage Band this summer! We’re doing a bunch of label showcases where the homies in the band will get to DJ and close out the night with the full live show. It’s a lot of fun. Beyond that, we’re putting out a ton of new music on the label over the summer, lots of stuff from Benny Bridges, Sam von Horn, Danny Goliger, Henry Was and myself. On top of that, Everything Will Come Together Pt. 2 is in the works. I’m looking forward to wrapping that up and putting it out 🙂

If you have the chance you should definitely catch one of Justin Jay’s live shows. Here’s where he’ll be:

Upcoming Tour Dates

May 17-19 – Gulf Shores, AL @ Hangout Music Festival
May 23 – Santa Barbara, CA @ The Barn (tour pre-pary)
May 26 – Tempe, AZ @ Shady Park
June 2 – San Francisco, CA @ Hotel VIA
June 8 – Chicago, IL @ Estate
June 15 – NYC, NY @ Circle Line Cruises
June 22 – Baja Norte, MX @ Genius Fest
June 29 – Denver, CO @ Club Vinyl
August 16 – Taos, NM @ Meow Wolf Taos Vortex
Sept 20 – Atlanta, GA @ Imagine Festival