Justin Jay Surprises Fans With Release Of Limited-Time Only “Unsigned Demos” Album

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Vibe magician Justin Jay has a seemingly endless bag of tricks. We’re always eager to hear the latest from the genre-fusing mastermind. Today, he surprises fans with a 12-track release on Bandcamp entitled Unsigned Demos. However, there’s a catch—they’re only available for a limited time.

These 12 tracks genuinely flaunt Justin’s inherent range as a musician. Coming out hot with a techno heater, “Acid Tool” sets the tone for a slew of incredible tracks to come. On the other end of the spectrum, we’re treated to the all-enveloping, melodic majesty that Justin delivers so well in the fourth song, “Where Didya Come From,” which features an irresistible and relaxing harp melody set to a house-like backbeat.

A true creative, JJ always delivers, from techno to house all the way to live instrumentation. Jump on Bandcamp and listen to these tracks while you can, or purchase them all for download to keep in your library forever!

Justin Jay – Unsigned Demos