Justin Jay Embarks on a Futuristic Sonic Journey With New ‘VOYAGER001’ Mixtape

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While Justin Jay may have grown up in the music industry with DIRTYBIRD as a feel-good house producer, his sound over the past couple of years has been vastly expanded. Today, he aims to fast-forward into the future to bring us a new 6-track mixtape titled VOYAGER001.

Dark, spacey atmospheres with driving rhythms are the focus of this new project. Whether it’s pounding techno or ravey breakbeats, Justin Jay has put his love for forward-thinking electronic music on full display here.

If you came here looking for uplifting house music, you may want to go here instead. VOYAGER001 is for the heads.

Alongside this release, Justin Jay has announced a special show that will take place at an art gallery in Los Angeles, with the music focusing on this Nu-Rave sound.

You can stream Justin Jay’s latest sonic endeavor below in its entirety. It’s out now via Fantastic Voyage. Enjoy!

Justin Jay – VOYAGER001