Justin Jay Shares Introspective Tune “Walk Away” Ahead of New Album


Justin Jay is no stranger to the site, and for a good reason. His production never fails to impress and intrigue us, leading to his twentieth (!!) track feature from our team. Ahead of his upcoming album, You Are The One, Justin Jay shares “Walk Away.”

Portraying topics of self-discovery and struggle in an upbeat, vibrant light, Justin Jay creates an extremely engaging lyric-to-production juxtaposition on “Walk Away.” The track is filled with UK Garage influence, but also sprinkles hints of indie dance in the mix with a heartfelt vocal performance. 

Justin Jay shared some insight into the writing process, commenting:

Had so many friends help me get this across the finish line. @danny_goliger with crazy serum sound design on the bass wobbles. @bbbbben.stuff showing me the new Doja cat album for inspo and helping me chop samples. @cozykev__ for helping revamp the synth lead. @blxty for lending their beautiful voice for Kev’s vocal chops. My gf @cheekymonky_ for telling me what to change last minute. @groovesbygusted for the last minute mix notes. The @fantasticvoyagemusic crew for keeping the song from changing to a 4/4 speedgarage track. Sometimes it takes 3 years and village to finish a song. Hope ya like it 🙂

You can stream “Walk Away” at the link below. Enjoy!

Justin Jay – Walk Away