Justin Martin Shares Trippy New House Banger “Eye of the Storm”

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Justin Martin continues to pave his own unique path. This weekend the dance music veteran released a new single titled “Eye of the Storm.” This new song serves as the sixth release of his own label, What To Do.

“Eye of the Storm” is a high energy, suspenseful, and dynamic track from Justin Martin. The track starts with a low buzzing sound that grows louder and stronger as the track progresses. It eventually leads up to an epic, release in classic J-Mart fashion. A flurry of synthetic sounds will send shivers down your spine once it fully drops.

There’s also a really cool video that comes along with this track, where Justin Martin, the Renegade Maskerade crew and friends set up an epic underground party out in the wilderness.

You can stream the new Justin Martin track below. Enjoy!

Justin Martin – Eye of the Storm