juuku’s Debut EP ‘Warmth’ Is A Gorgeous, Emotionally-Charged Ride

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After a wild 2020 releasing 22 singles, and a buzzy collab with Manila Killa last month, rising artist juuku is finally releasing his debut EP Warmth, out now via Moving Castle.

The EP is an emotional experience that transcends any one genre but has definite roots in future bass. Each song is connected through melodic piano instrumentation and satisfying bass drops and describes juuku’s search for meaning.

He describes it as:

“this ep represents me searching for warmth in this cold world. it is a journey of self reflection- exploring my tragic and joyful experience to piece together my identity. and throughout this journey, i look for pieces of myself along the way, deciding whether to take them with me or leave them behind.”

In addition to his previous singles “Warmth” and “Just Lost,” this release includes several new tracks.

The composition of “Secret Lives” invokes otherworldly landscapes and sounds like it could be the soundtrack for Avatar. Standout track “Leaving” features staccato glitches on the drop. “Beneath us” includes soaring vocals from McCall, and gorgeous accompanying piano, which contrasts perfectly with the heavy bass on the chorus. Fittingly, the outro “Departure” ends with juuku murmuring “until next time,” setting the stage for his next releases.

Warmth is out now on all streaming platforms, with a VR experience set to release on Friday. You can check out the EP below, enjoy!

juuku – Warmth