Kai Wachi Joins Forces With Dylan Matthew On Emotional New Banger “Run”


Dubstep marauder Kai Wachi and incredibly talented singer/songwriter Dylan Matthew have joined forces today for an emotional roller-coaster of a track. With Kai coming off the heels of his DEMIGOD tour and Dylan having just dropped his first solo single of 2020, today the two have unleashed a destructive new collab, “Run“.

If you’re a bass-head in any capacity, chances are you’ve ran into one of Kai’s many bangers and Dylan’s incredible supporting vocals at some point. And with this fresh team up from the two offering the perfect mix of bass & beauty, we’re willing to bet you’ll be hearing this hitting the mintage at your next festival (virtual or not).

Starting off slow with some soft, warbling guitar and gentle piano, Dylan Matthew’s passionate vocals float in, immediately transforming the track into a powerful love ballad. But the tranquility doesn’t last long, as some skittering percussion and rising synths quickly whip the track into an absolutely explosive drop dripping with gritty low-end goodness.

Stream “Run” below and enjoy!

Kai Wachi x Dylan Matthew – Run