A Rare Kanye West Freestyle From 2000 Has Surfaced And It’s Gold


A Kanye West freestyle from Sep. 2000 has surfaced online and it’s gold. The nostalgia is strong in this video as a 23-year-old Kanye spits bars while on a scooter, rocking braids and is even wearing braces. It’s refreshing to see Kanye having fun rapping Kanye-esque rhymes over 16 years ago before the fame. Enjoy!

Kanye West Sep. 2000 Freestyle 

Kanye with braids, braces and a scooter, freestyling on 95th in the year 2000. Best thing online right now.

(via @channelzerotv's IG) pic.twitter.com/5U52Jyq2TY

— Andrew Barber (@fakeshoredrive) February 23, 2017