Kaskade Releases Dark New Melodic House Track, “Closer”

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We’ve been diligently following along as Kaskade has steadily unveiled his new EP in partnership with Monstercat and Rocket League. So far, we’ve gotten the staggering stomper, “Flip Reset,” and the big room belter, “Solid Ground.” Today, Kaskade continues the EP’s rollout with the release of a dark, deep diving progressive house track titled, “Closer.”

Full bodied bass synths establish a sturdy frame on which this well-oiled track finds its footing. As entrancing vocals beckon us into the cab of this mysterious tune, we take off through the confines of dense city scape punctuated by a melodically recoiling synth line.

We’re loving the themes of this new EP so far. This partnership between Kaskade and Rocket League is looking to be a match made in heaven for gamers and music fans alike. Stream Kaskade’s latest single, “Closer,” below. Enjoy!

Kaskade – Closer