Kaskade & deadmau5 Drop Second Kx5 Song “Take Me High”

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In case you missed it, Kaskade and deadmau5 officially teamed up this year to form a superduo. They call themselves Kx5, and so far, their debut single, “Escape,” has taken over the radio waves (it’s still in the top 40). Today they deliver their next track with the release of “Take Me High.”

While “Escape” was more reminiscent of their previous classics like “I Remember” or “Move For Me,” this new one sees the duo heading in a new direction. Clearly designed for live play, “Take Me High” features elements of techno and acid. Euphoric vocals from Hayla give this one a timeless ravey feel as well.

Both “Escape” and “Take Me High” are set to appear on the Kx5 album, which is set for a release in 2023.

You can stream the new single from Kx5 below. Enjoy!

Kx5 – Take Me High