Watch Kaskade Perform a DJ Set at the Golden Gate Bridge


Kaskade is developing a reputation for playing DJ sets at jaw-dropping locations. Most recently, the Bay Area-based artist took his talents to the most famed landmark in California, the Golden Gate Bridge. Today he uploaded a video of the performance on YouTube, for all of us to enjoy.

Kaskade situated himself at one of the best vantage points for the bridge, a cliff that sits right at the edge of the San Francisco Bay. The landmark is veiled in fog behind him, ever so slightly peeking in and out to reveal itself. The fog is so thick that it even drifts in front of him while he plays.

The mixing and overall vibe for this set perfectly match the setting, with cool, melancholy, melodic house music. This set sounds like something he would play during one of his famous Redux sets.

You can stream the video of Kaskade’s performance at the Golden Gate Bridge below. Enjoy!

Kaskade live @ The Golden Gate Bridge 2021