KAYTRANADA Reveals Plans For Next Album In Rare Interview With Zane Lowe

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After dropping what is certainly one of our most favorite albums of 2019, producer KAYTRANADA appeared on Beats 1 in a rare interview with Zane Lowe yesterday. In the 10 minute video released on the Beats 1 YouTube channel, the two had an in-depth discussion about Bubba, collaborations, and plans for KAYTRANADA’s next album.

KAYTRANADA reveals to Zane Lowe here that Bubba was in fact meant to be a two-part album. Now that Bubba is released, the Montreal super-producer is already focused on the next project. Apparently he’s still sitting on a whole album’s worth of music that didn’t make it onto Bubba, including collaborations with Anderson .Paak and Syd (from The Internet).

The Anderson .Paak track was originally intended to be on Bubba, but due to sample clearing issues, he’s pushing it to his next project.

Kay ends the interview by saying he wants to drop that follow-up album in “just a couple months.”

Check out the full video below and enjoy!