[PREMIERE] Kayzo & RIOT Drop Extra Heavy Hybrid Dubstep Collaboration “Wake Up”

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If you need a track to get you going in the morning, look no further than Kayzo and RIOT's new collaboration, "Wake Up". Both LA acts are starting to make a quick rise in the bass scene so keep your eye on both of them. The two slowly ease into the track with uplifting melodies and high pitch vocals, but things take a quick turn at the 0:50 mark.

Big brass horns and ominous choir vocals come into the mix before a string of percussion stabs roll out into a heavy dubstep drop. Take a handful of listens to this one to truly understand how aggressive this track is. The growls and screeches come at you with incredible force, but in a pleasing way given its pattern. 

They also throw some drum and bass into the mix to switch up the vibe of the track. By the second drop, you've entered a headbanging hardstyle sequence. "Wake Up" is just absolutely wild in the best way possible. There's no other way to describe and it simply goes off live. Check it below and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Kayzo x RIOT – Wake Up | Download