Keiynan Lonsdale Unveils Brilliant Music Video for Single “Rhythm & Music” 


The talent that Keiynan Lonsdale possesses is limitless. The triple threat first made a name for himself in acting and dancing, and then jumped into singing with stunning debut album Rainbow Boy. His electrifying skill in all three areas is on full display in the music video for the record’s single “Rhythm & Music”, which was released today and has fans’ jaws on the floor.

In a sensual scene that gives off Dirty Dancing vibes, Lonsdale is seen rehearsing a sequence with an instructor that he daydreams about having serious chemistry with. Everything about this is absolutely fire: his choreography moves are on point, the energy he brings is unapologetic, and the visuals are mesmerizing. And while Keiynan is an absolute disco king deserving of endless praise here, we’ve also got to give it up for the brilliant directing and editing of the video.

You can watch the music video below, and stay tuned for more visual representations of his album, which he promises are coming soon. Enjoy!

Keiynan Lonsdale – Rhythm & Music (Official Music Video)