Watch Kendrick Lamar & Kobe Bryant Share Wisdom In Incredible Joint Interview

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There's nothing like seeing a couple greats come together to share their wisdom. Today that's exactly what we have with a joint interview between Kendrick Lamar and Kobe Bryant as the two goats give us insights into how they became who they are today.

The two legends' worlds collided at ComplexCon 2017 in which the two sat down to speak about their rise to greatness and how they’ve evolved. The two have a massive mutual respect for each other as they're fans but also both rep LA to the furthest extent. Both individuals had a hunger to be the best in their respective fields as both had a clear evolutiuon throughout their careers – Kobe from number 8 to 24 and Kendrick from Kdot to his birth name and further along taking on the persona of Kung Fu Kenny after mastering his craft. The two harnessed their ultra-competitiveness until they could comfortably call themselves the best in the world in their field. There’s some incredible wisdom shared here so be sure to listen up and check out this incredible interview. Enjoy!

Kendrick Lamar & Kobe Bryant Interview