Could Kendrick Lamar’s Cryptic New ‘pgLang’ Company Be A Hint At A New Album?

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Kendrick Lamar is up to something. Today he completely cleared his social media profiles to make room for the cryptic announcement of pgLang. According to the information on Kendrick’s profile, pgLang is an “at service company.” Upon further investigation of this curious new entity, it looks like Kendrick is embarking on an ambitious new project.

When visiting the website, we’re taken to a visual mission statement video. The video is as ambiguous as everything else, however one thing stands out for sure. Towards the end of the video, there are several clips of what sounds like Kendrick rapping on some never-before-heard songs. Could this “company” be a new, creative approach to announcing a new album? It’s been three years since we were graced with the release of DAMN., so it’s not too farfetched to think that he’s got something ready for us.

We’re always thirsty for some new Kendrick. We’ll be watching his movements very carefully as he officially rolls out whatever this new pgLang project really is. Stay tuned.