Listen to Kenny Beats & Rick Rubin’s Must-Hear Interview

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One modern legend and one all-time icon have come together to have an amazingly insightful conversation about music. For this episode of Broken Record, a podcast hosed by amazing modern thinkers like Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, and more, Kenny Beats talk to Rick about the different regional sounds of hip-hop and why they sound like they do.

This conversation makes it clear that Kenny Beats is a dedicated student of the genre. And that is surely one of the reasons why he’s become such a prolific producer over the past few years. The two producers dive deeply into Kenny’s approach to working with different artists from different locations. It is paramount to Kenny to make the artist he’s working with to feel comfortable and to connect on a deep level to the beat he’s crafting.

This is a must-hear conversation for any music fan and could serve as a lecture for any producer wanting to learn more.

You can listen to the full conversation below. Enjoy!

Kenny Beats on the Regional Sounds of Hip Hop