Kerala Debuts New Project with Atmospheric ‘Escapism’ EP

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You may know of Jordan Evanoff from his jamtronica group Evanoff, who have a rock-infused electronic sound. The musician is now dialing it back as he branches into a solo project called Kerala. His debut EP Escapism came out today as a self-release, and it is a beautiful body of work.

This six-track collection is a lofty and atmospheric journey of sounds. He brings a much softer touch to this project, with emotive scores and enchanting harmonies that meet at an intersection of indie electronic and future melodic bass. Kerala manages to maintain an essence of hope and wonder throughout the EP. From the shimmering and reflective “What If” featuring Marie Lang to the more jungly, experimental “Calling Me”, these songs are deep and textured, meant to open your heart and your mind.

Here is what he had to say about the EP:

“Often in life, we will think we need to escape our current surroundings in order to find ourselves again… when really, all we need to escape is the constraints of our own mind. Escapism is a story about love, loss, ambition, and finding yourself through traveling the world, only to realize happiness was within you all along.”

You can stream it below. Enjoy!

Kerala – Escapism