Kevin Abstract Reveals BROCKHAMPTON “Is Going To Be Over In A Few Albums”


BROCKHAMPTON’s quick rise to the top is nothing short of incredible. The self-proclaimed boy band earned incredible praise on their SATURATION album trilogy, claiming their spot in the hip-hop world. Following this album series, they parted ways with founding member Ameer amidst allegations and have since come back with Iridescence and GINGER.

“This is going to be over in a few albums. But that’s okay. It’s still a family.” – Kevin Abstract

They just caught up with GQ for a full blown oral history of BROCKHAMPTON… as told by BROCKHAMPTON. The full piece tracks their history since forming as a band through a Kanye West forum online. The group members themselves tell the story of how they first connected, growing from a collective with ASF to a band with BROCKHAMPTON, moving to LA, recording SATURATION, signing a $15 million deal, the Ameer Vann allegations and more