Rising Singer Khazali Releases Alluring, Genre-Blending Song “Dance On The Rain”


As he gears up for the release of his new EP next month, Khazali dropped another single from the project. “Dance On The Rain” is a bittersweet tale of someone whose heart is torn. The track came out this past weekend, and his The Rush EP is due out March 11 on Kitsuné Musique.

Khazali puts on a stunning performance for this single. The lyrics are deep and metaphorical, born from snippets of poems he’s written over the years. His voice spreads the butter over the sultry and soul-tinged production of fuzzy synths and some dreamy guitar work. He tries to capture the essence of someone who learns to weather a storm when things get hard in a relationship, hence the title “Dance On The Rain.”

Khazali is quickly becoming one of the most exciting singers that’s coming up in the industry right now and we can’t wait to hear his new EP.

You can listen to the song and watch the music video below. Enjoy!

Khazali – Dance On The Rain