Kid Cudi Drops Trailer for New Documentary ‘A Man Named Scott’

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Kid Cudi officially has his own documentary, and it’s coming to Amazon Music on November 5. The title of the film is called A Man Named Scott. Many of his early fans will know that this is a riff off of his debut mixtape in 2008, A Kid Named Cudi.

Kid Cudi has shared the first trailer of the documentary. It’s two minutes long and gives a good peek into what to expect. He mentions that helping other people through his art has always been an escape for him, but that he was never always happy. Cudi has been very open to the media (especially recently) about his mental health struggles throughout his career. This looks like we’ll be able to finally get the full story of what he went through and how he was able to conquer it.

This isn’t the first time Kid Cudi has linked up with Amazon Music for a big production. Earlier this year, for Prime Day, Kid Cudi and Amazon Music created an epic musical short that featured some alternate versions of his most loved songs.

You can check out the trailer for A Man Named Scott below. Enjoy!