Kid Cudi Confirms His Appearance on ‘Hot Ones’ in 2022

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Kid Cudi has just announced that he’ll be appearing on one of our favorite web series, Hot Ones. Cudi posted a tweet on Thursday night that his episode will be airing sometime in 2022.

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, host Sean Evans interviews musicians (as well as athletes, actors, and other celebrities) while eating a set of chicken wings that progressively get spicier.

Earlier this month, Hot Ones completed its staggering 16th season, with a finale that featured actor Tom Holland. Looks like they’re already assembling a great 17th season with this announcement from Kid Cudi.

Im doin Hot Ones next year lets go

— The Chosen One : I 💖 YOU FRESHIE 4EVER (@KidCudi) December 24, 2021