Kid Cudi Dons Million Dollar KAWS Chain at the Met Gala

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it was one of the biggest nights of the year for fashion last night, as celebs, athletes, and more gathered on the red carpet for the Met Gala. More than anyone, we had our eyes on some of our favorite musicians such as Frank Ocean, A$AP Rocky, and Grimes. The one who blew us away the most, however, was Kid Cudi, who showed up not only in a head-spinning Louis Vuitton getup but with a new chain worth over a million dollars.

The chain, designed by KAWS and created by Ben Baller, was easily one of the most memorable flexes of the event. In signature Cudi fashion, the KAWS figure was dressed an astronaut suit and completely covered in diamonds. In a tweet, Ben Baller confirmed that the piece was worth “7-figures.” Ben also mentioned the backpack on the piece indeed opens up because “Scott wanted to be able to hold some weed in there just in case.”

You can check out some photos and clips of Cudi and the mind-blowing KAWS x Ben Baller chain below.