Kidswaste Delivers Dreamy Indie Pop Single “Need You”


We all know that feeling of being head over heels for someone. It’s a feeling that can come with the highest highs and lowest lows, and French producer, Kidswaste, has flawlessly encapsulated that all-too-familiar emotional roller coaster in his new indie pop anthem titled, “Need You.”

Led by Kidswaste’s signature dreamy vocals, we’re guided through the impassioned journey of being on-top-of-the-world smitten in love and losing it all because of our mistakes.  This musical tour of love and heartbreak is punctuated by gently dancing chimes and epically orchestrated synth progressions sweeping throughout the melody in a lush wave of sound that will fill your soul from bottom to top.

Get ready to dive into your feels, Kidswaste has arrived with “Need You.” Enjoy!

Kidswaste – Need You