Kidswaste Recruits Lizzy Land on Ethereal Electronica Number “Fall In”

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The best things in life take time. This was the case for the immaculate new single “Fall In” from Kidswaste. Featuring vocals from Lizzy Land, “Fall In” almost wasn’t a song. It had been sitting unfinished in Kidswaste’s computer for a time before Lands jumped on the track and give him the inspiration he needed to finish it.

This song is pure electronic elegance. Kidswaste’s production is gentle and enchanting. Spirals of dreamy cascading keys form the main melody. The upbeat rhythm is understated but propels us forward unconsciously. A highlight of the track is of course Land’s singing, which Kidswaste himself said made “everything instantly click.” Her vocals start off soft, gilding the instrumentation before her airy voice swells with emotion on the chorus.

In a press release, vocalist Lizzy explained the story behind her lyrics:

Fall In is about the feeling you get when a memory consumes you. Like a wave you can’t avoid that brings you back to someone who isn’t in your life anymore. You go and fall into the past to find them.

“Fall In” is the third track that’s come from Kidswaste recently, and he apparently has more music coming soon. In the meantime, check out “Fall In” using the link below. Enjoy!

Kidswaste – Fall In (feat. Lizzy Land)