PREMIERE | Kill Feed Unleashes Explosive New Bass Monstrosity “The Nuke”

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Quickly-rising producer Kill Feed has been blowing up in a big way lately. Having solidified his sound via a barrage of bangers on Never Say Die Black Label, today we’re excited to be premiering a fresh new heater from the bass-bringer with his new track “The Nuke“.

Not only does this mark a new chapter in Kill Feed’s budding career, but also comes as Black Label celebrates five years strong, with this making for their 100th release! Dropping today as part of KF’s Valley Of Death EP, this latest offering from the up-and-comer is mind-meltingly heavy.

Packed with an explosive mix of dark, atmospheric soundscapes, shrill, squelching synths, deep, guttural growls and seriously destructive distorted 808s, this definitely lives up to it’s name. So dust off you neck brace and stream “The Nuke” below. Enjoy!

Kill Feed – The Nuke | Stream