Kill The Noise – 2 Heavy Dance Tracks: Electric Daisy Carnival CO Sick DJ Post 3 of 5

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Kill The Noise was one of the groups that I discovered via the Electric Daisy Carnival CO lineup. I was like, "hmm, Kill The Noise? that sounds pretty sick, let's check it out" And surely enough, they are pretty sick. They've got a definite house, almost 70's groove feel to their music mixed with an in your face club banger. The first track below, 'Perfect Combition' is a high energy groovin, ride. The bass kicks, and it just makes you wanna dance. Next I've got a remix of Kid Sister's 'Right Hand Hi', which sounds completely different then Caspa's remix of the same song. I've had this song kicking around for awhile, and it is sick. When it drops at just after a minute, the party starts! If you will be attending EDC Colorado tonight, be sure to not miss the action packed Kill The Noise performing from 8:30-9:30 at the main kineticFIELD stage. 8:30?? What a horrible time for them to perform, at least they will be getting a huge audience because Benny Benassi is performing right after them. Enjoy these great songs!

Perfect Combination – Kill The Noise | Download


BANGER Right Hand Hi (Kill The Noise Remix) | Download


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