Knxwledge Drops Two New Projects, ’10,000 Proof’ Album & ‘Koko’ EP

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There’s not much left to say about Knxledge. Time and time again the legendary producer has proven himself as one of the most adept in the game. With an unparalleled library of material and a head turning credits list, today the LA beats boss shows no signs of slowing as he releases two new projects: an album titled 10,000 Proof, and an EP titled Koko.

10,000 Proof takes on a fluid energy, with ebbs and flows coinciding with the instrumentals and vocal tracks. As expected, Knxwledge constructs the silkiest free-flowing beats with a throwback tint, like a sonic sepia-tone. But when tracks like “imtrynamakeamovie,” “franklins.,” “thinkaboutit,” and “youbetterwin” spotlight rapper, Vodka, his hard-hitting delivery instantly injects an undeniable energy to the mix. This lets the album breath beautifully and allows us to fully take in each track’s subtleties.

The Koko EP flaunts a highly lounge-able vibe. For those who may not know, Knxwledge’s dog is named Koko. With that fact in mind and after reading the track titles, one can’t help but envision this quick 7 minute EP as an ode to the artist’s furry friend. Envisioning a doggo laying about commenting things like a cheeky “Late on ya rent,” a nonchalant “See you later,” and a noncommittal “Why not” while these tracks play in the background is just too perfect. Whether Knxwledge meant for that to be the case is unsure, but damn it fits well if it is.

Any day that Knxwledge decides to release some of his vast library is a great day. It always sets an easy mood, while the nuances of each track keep that mood feeling fresh all the whole way through. Stream Knxwledge’s new projects, 10,000 Proof and Koko, below. Enjoy!

Knxwledge – 10,000 Proof

Knxwledge – Koko