KOAN Sound Deliver New ‘Chronos’ EP, Straight From Outer Space 

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Space bass gods KOAN Sound’s devoted following were giddy with excitement when they dropped a single last month, but that was just an appetizer. The full EP has just landed via VISION Recordings, and it’s called Chronos. Out earlier this week, it’s an intergalactic, glitchy ride through massive, detailed sounds.

For the four-track EP, you strap in and take flight through their universe of masterful production and mixing. Each song is like a planet and together they create this galaxy of gritty, crunchy rhythms. The singles “Traverse” and “Chronos” are rich with bass and percussion, and you get to witness them flex their musical reach on the softer but impactful “Aeon”. 

Get lost in the depth of Chronos’ crunchy basslines by listening below. Enjoy!

KOAN Sound – Chronos EP