KOAN Sound Give Hudson Lee & Frequent’s “Reflex Angle” a Crunchy Bass Remix

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Much to everyone’s delight, KOAN Sound has been steadily putting out new music. Their latest track, a remix of Hudson Lee and Frequent’s “Reflex Angle”, came out Wednesday, and it is a serious earful. The UK producers bring their thick, trademark sound design to completely transform the song with a dark and heavy vibe.

The original version of the track is a stunning adventure of piano, synths, and bass, the latter of which KOAN Sound takes and turns the knob all the way up. This remix is the kind of song that will disintegrate you if you hear it live. It’s lush with textures, distortion, and crunching drums, but features a little melodic breakdown in the middle to let you catch your breath.

You can play this smasher below. Enjoy!

Frequent & Hudson Lee – Reflex Angle (KOAN Sound Remix)