Kota The Friend & Statik Selektah Form A Dream Team on New Album ‘To Kill A Sunrise’

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We’ve told ya’ll before, but just in case you’re still draggin’, Kota The Friend needs to be on your listening list. The Brooklyn based rapper is back on site with the release of his new album, To Kill A Sunrise, and if the beats sound exceptionally lush, that’s because he’s teamed up with legendary producer, Statik Selektah, for production support.

Kota’s flows? Buttery smooth. His lyrics? Witty, purposeful, and sharp as a tac. And that rich Statik production? Top notch beats. This latest project shows us Kota at his best and, with a little extra reinforcement from one of hip hop’s most prolific producers, will certainly be in the running for one of our top albums of 2021.

After listening this LP top to bottom, it’s plain to see why Kota has quickly begun to ascend the ranks of hip hop, and as an independent artist at that. Gone are the days of this unknown rapper from New York, Kota The Friend is here for his piece of the pie and it’s time we all get behind him. Stream his new album, To Kill A Sunrise, below. Enjoy!

Kota The Friend & Statik Selektah – To Kill A Sunrise