Independent Artist Kovey Coles Finds Calm on Soulful New Single “Shaken”


LA-based rapper, singer, and instrumentalist Kovey Coles has blended his love for both hip hop and alternative music to land on a vibe that he calls “guitar-centered indie rap.” His jazzy and soulful sound has led to him blowing up on TikTok and getting booked for SXSW. His new single, “Shaken,” is a poignant track where he shines a light on how easy it is to get caught up in online life.

“Shaken” starts off in a neat way: he uses a sample from a recent viral video of people arguing on an NYC subway while a guy just plays the saxophone next to them. He uses the clip as a metaphor for finding your calm in the chaos of social media. In his verses, he warns about the “curse of counting shares and likes” and having to pick between “self-worth or merch.” Coles also plays guitar on the track, which you can hear popping and giving the song some edge. 

You can listen to it below. Enjoy!

Kovey Coles – Shaken