Newcomer Kowloon Brings A Feel Good Groove With New Indie Single, “Late Last Night”


Coming to us from the outskirts of Los Angeles is up and coming Indie artist, Kowloon. The beard clad lad has accrued a steady following throughout 2020, and today we have his first submission of 2021, a heartfelt groover called, “Late Last Night.”

Vintage synths chime in the intro, setting a carefree tone for the tune to follow. Kowloon proceeds to croon a late night love song punctuated by layers of charismatic bass, lightweight guitars, and pattering percussion. This track has all the sunset, moonlit adventure vibes and we can’t get enough. Stream Kowloon’s first single of 2021, “Late Last Night” below. Enjoy!

Kowloon – Late Last Night