KRANE’s Versatility On Full Display For Beautiful & Stirring New Album ‘Getting Better’


While fans of veteran producer KRANE may know him from heavier, bass-leaning songs, the versatile producer’s new album puts forth a truly alluring and dynamic sound. Collaborating with artists such as Boombox Cartel, Panama, and Cece Valor, the seven track album showcases a wide range of styles, with each one containing vocals. KRANE’s production prowess is clear as he develops a refined and energetic sound across the album with layers of gorgeous synths and stimulating percussion.

“Who Loved You Better” is a brilliant example of the captivating and palpable electronic energy of the album, with a nicely moving breakbeat and uplifting synths perfectly complementing the wispy vocals of Panama. The downtempo “Tell Me Why” represents the album’s dichotomous nature, powerful yet emotive, as bass stabs contrast bright keys and percussion, with Malika‘s vocals sitting nicely in the middle. The final track “Hold You” turns up the energy a little bit more as it develops colorful melodies and slowly progresses towards a crescendo, marking the euphoric end to this gripping album.

This album’s got something for everyone, from its sprawling, uplifting electronic textures to its captivating, complex percussion. It’s clear at this point that KRANE is capable of producing at a very high level, no matter what the style. We were certainly very impressed with this particular sound. Check out the album in the stream below. Enjoy!

KRANE – Getting Better