Krewella Sisters Confirm Removal of ‘Rainman’ With New Single “Say Goodbye”

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With the filing of lawsuits over the past few weeks, we can now confirm the separation of Kris 'Rainman' Trindl from Krewella; leaving the Yousaf sisters, Yasmine and Jahan, as the sole members of the group. 

Since news of the break up, there have been horrible claims thrown back and forth by both Kris 'Rainman' and the sisters.  Instead of making an official statement, the girls have opted to let the music speak for them by releasing a new song to address the matter.

The song "Say Goodbye" has some more rock influence then we've seen from the group in the past, yet it is technically a drum & bass song. The lyrics are blatantly about the breakup with Rainman; an interesting method of addressing a very serious and pivitol career change for the sisters.

Share your thoughts on the entire situation and song below. 

Krewella - Say Goodbye | Free Download