Flume Collaborator KUČKA Releases Shimmering New Single “Ascension”

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KUČKA (aka Laura Lowther),  the masterful subtle sound experimenter, is releasing “Ascension” today, a new shimmering single via LuckyMe. Having previously co-written and collaborated with some of the greats like Flume, Vince Staples, SOPHIE, and others, releasing this new track as KUČKA shows off her ability to go deeper into her exploration of her singular brand of digital soul.

Starting with chilling, echoing vocals that are paired with a glowing, rising tune “Ascension” is one of KUČKA’s most emphatic pop excursions to date. The combination of choppy yet airy and breathy vocals with the distant, distorted percussion and hollowed-out synths creates a twinkling introspective state of mind, making it a dreamy, jagged jam. 

KUČKA noted that ”Ascension”  confronts “the continual growth that we are all undertaking at every stage of our life.” “We’re constantly faced with new challenges whether we realize it or not,” she said, “and it’s important that we don’t let our fears get in the way of our enjoyment of the process.” The release of this new single comes paired with a music video that beautifully encompasses this concept via multiple story lines and intimate visuals. 

“Ascension” signifies KUČKA’s sonic brand of a synthesis of electronic elements with percussion-heavy R&B, all brought together via her vocals, and is sure to be a long-loved track. Listen to “Ascension” and watch the music video below!!

KUČKA – Ascension