Newcomer KWAYE Shares Must Hear 80’s-Inspired Single & Video “Cool Kids” On M.O.A.G., Label Home To ZHU & Gallant

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Today we’re excited to be introducing a newcomer artist KWAYE, who’s the latest addition to the Mind Of A Genius label. KWAYE joins the group of artists including ZHU, Gallant, THEY., and more making an impressive first impression. 

M.O.A.G. teased a new addition to their roster changing their Facebook cover photo to KWAYE’s hair and reposting his new track accompanied by a music video listing Mind Of A Genius in the description. Now that we’ve seen this music video for KWAYE’s new track, we’re very excited about this new signing. The 22-year-old London-based artist is originally from Zimbabwe and is already sounding amazing as he captures a funky, uplifting sound. In addition to being a vocalist, KWAYE is also multi-instrumentalist who plays viola, sax, and guitar.

We didn’t really know what to expect from this new artist and were pleasantly surprised. “Cool Kids” is a catchy, 80’s-inspired jam. The instrumentation carries a strum guitar riff and lush synthesizers capturing the 80’s vibe that carries over to the awesome music video. His smoothly unique vocals are catchy throughout hitting different tones during the track and even hits falsetto vocals that remind us of ZHU. The video displays some amazing dance moves and gives us a great glimpse into what KWAYE is all about, and we're loving it. Stay tuned for more from this talented new artist and enjoy!

KWAYE – Cool Kids | Official Music Video | Purchase