BANGER Electro/House Remix: Laidback Luke – Break Down the House (Dada Life Remix)

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Laidback Luke is a king on his own in the house scene, and Dada Life is one of the sickest electro/house duos out there. So when I see a Dada Life remix of a Laidback Luke track, I know it's going to be sick, which it is. This track is packed full of energy and make me feel like i'm at the club from the second I turned it on. It's got the very noticeable upbeat bassy Dada Life vibe to it. These guys brought quite the show when I caught them opening for Tiesto at Beta this past fall, and their track really carry over their live enery.  Pump the bass and turn the speakers for this one, and enjoy as always!

Break Down the House (Dada Life Remix) – Laidback Luke | Download


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