Lamorn Showcases Penchant For Radiant Melodies On Debut Album ‘Forever’

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We’ve been on the Lamorn hype train for a while now. The protege of deadmau5, Lamorn’s (real name Seth Person) stellar lineup of singles over the last year landed him a spot on our list of rising musicians to watch for in 2023. And today he proves he earned his spot with the release of his debut album, Forever.

Lamorn’s signature sound has emerged as a fascinating blend of live instrumental textures, fluttering melodies, and vibrant synth arpeggios. All of this comes over fast-paced, bubbly beats. It’s hard to believe Lamorn is only 20; his sound emerges fully realized and impressively cohesive.

Our favorite track is the instrumental, emotionally churning “I Love This,” but most other tracks feature vocals from Lamorn himself, or featured artist Molly Otto. “Who We Are” is another standout track, simultaneously nostalgic and brightly optimistic due to its clever use of sampling English singer Millie Turner.

Below, Lamorn tells us about the meaning behind Forever‘s title:

“I’m naming the album after this song because it feels like the all encompassing theme of the rest of the music. I’m an extremely sensitive person, which comes with its great strengths and terrible weaknesses. All the emotions in my life are so rich. I love so much. The connections I have with my family and friends are truly what I care about, and that’s purely where this all comes from. The lyrics in this song tell me to give in to that, and let myself feel those things, because that what truly makes my life great. I never want it to end.”

You can listen to Forever below. Enjoy!

Lamorn – Forever