Deadmau5’s ‘Musical Protege,’ Lamorn, Defies Boundaries On “Physical Layer”

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Lamorn is a name you might not be familiar with yet but we guarantee it’s one you’ll be hearing a lot in the near future. With a sound defined by both the thrill of the future and potent nostalgia, Lamorn defies the boundaries of electronic music. The 18-year-old multi-instrumentalist caught the attention of Deadmau5 after submitting a track to mau5trap last year and eventually went on to win one of the label’s remix competitions. The hype continues as Deadmau5’s ‘musical protege’ makes his long awaited mau5trap debut with “Physical Layer.”

Funky bass riffs and sweeping percussive elements set the stage for Lamorn’s debut, as soft synths begin to swell behind infectious vocal chops. “Physical Layer” exists on a spectrum somewhere between lush alternative-rock and bustling electro house, yet all the while living in a unique world of its own. From its first note until it’s last, Lamorn puts on an extraordinary showcase of immense talent ready to take on the electronic music scene by storm.

Stream “Physical Layer” below and enjoy!

Lamorn – Physical Layer