Lana Del Rey – Ride (Music Video) : Indie Short-Film Music Video


Do you like Lana Del Rey? You'll love this, you don't like her? Still might enjoy this video. Here's her latest 10 minute music video / short film that was written by LDR herself. It's for "Ride", which we heard the audio with some other new tracks a few weeks back. This 10 minute long short film of a music video follows the story of Lana as a biker, story written by Lana. The editing and overall aesthetic of the video matches her past, with a nostalgic vintage 70's wash. "Ride" is the lead single off The Paridse Edition of "Born to Die" coming out November 3rd (Pre-Order Here). Do you like when artists make short films like this? How do you feel about new Lana? Answer below. Enjoy!

Lana Del Rey – Ride | iTunes

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