Lane 8 Announces New Album, ‘Reviver’

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Lane 8 has officially announced a new album! The This Never Happened boss announced on socials this morning that he has his fourth studio album ready to deliver. It’s titled Reviverand will contain 13 tracks. Reviver will follow up Lane 8’s acclaimed album from last year, Brightest Lights.

According to Lane 8, this album will be the most dancefloor-focused album of his career. We absolutely love the energy that Lane 8 brings to the dancefloor during his DJ sets, so we’ll be eagerly awaiting the release of this new project. The first single and title track will be dropping this Thursday, October 21.

In a note to his fans, Lane 8 described an epiphany he had while crafting this album:

While Making Reviver, one of my primary goals was to reinvent myself as a producer. I’ve always felt this way while working on albums … But as I was making the album, I realized how much I have changed as a person in the two years since my last album … In reality, I didn’t really need to reinvent myself in any intentional way, because I myself had changed. The liberation I felt after making that realization was extremely powerful, and the music poured out almost effortlessly in the months after.

Reviver is due out everywhere early next year. It’s set to drop on January 21, 2022. You can check out the tracklist and more below.

i made you a new album ♥️♥️

— Lane 8 (@Lane8music) October 19, 2021