Lane 8 Delivers Uplifting New Summer 2021 Mixtape

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Lane 8 has officially declared the change of the seasons, and with that proclamation, per usual, he’s offered a brand new mixtape. Similar to his previous installments, his Summer 2021 Mixtape is an extended sonic journey. This mix clocks in at just over four hours. You can toss this one on and not have to worry about changing the song for most of your afternoon.

Just shy of his live sets, these mixtapes are what we tend to look forward to the most from Lane 8. The man is a master at weaving together melodic house and techno, and they are the epitome of taking you on a sonic expedition. And all you have to do is sit back and hit play.

Lane 8 recently announced his first headlining show at Red Rocks, where he’ll be playing an extended, four-hour set.

You can stream Lane 8’s Summer 2021 Mixtape below. Enjoy!

Lane 8 – Summer 2021 Mixtape