Lane 8 Drops Club Mix & Morning Mix Remixes Of George FitzGerald’s “Burns”

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There's just no stopping this man. Lane 8 has had an insane year so far and shows no signs at slowing down even a little bit. His Little By Little album was released at the beginning of the year and is still one of our favorite releases this year. On top of that he's kept a constant output of music including an EP, loose singles and various remixes that each showcase just how incredible of a producer he is. 

Now he's not only shared a new remix of George FitzGerald's "Burns," but Lane 8 took it upon himself to share two versions: a club mix and a morning mix. Last month he dropped loose single "The Disappearance of Colonel Mustard" which came shortly after a 5-hour mix and his "Bluebird / Duchess" EP. Now he's placed his spin on the already amazing original putting his magic touch on both version, as he once again delivers some incredible chill house. Enjoy!

George FitzGerald – Burns (Lane 8 Club Mix)

George Fitzgerald – Burns (Lane 8 Morning Mix)