Lane 8 Ends 2019 With Angelic New Single “Just”

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2019 has been a stellar year for Daniel Goldstein. From harmonious collaborations and climactic singles to outrageous mixes and a plethora of label releases – the Denver based producer, better known as Lane 8, has absolutely conquered the past 364 days. With his insane productivity, it only seems fitting that the melodic house master closes out the year with one last sublime singleJust”.

This, the sixth single from his upcoming Brightest Lights album due out on Jan. 10, has all the things we love about Lane 8. A blissful intro marked by angelic vocals, a steady, grounding heartbeat of bass, bouncing synth loops and a gracefully satisfying climax that gets your body moving. Each single off the new album brings us closer and closer to edge of our seat – and this one is no different. As we (im)patiently wait for the album release, I highly recommend ringing in the new year with Lane 8’s newest track, “Just”. This song will have you peacefully charged up for a great 2020. Enjoy!

Lane 8 – Just