Lane 8 & OTR “Shatter” Expectations With Soothing New Single

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Lane 8 always comes through when we need him most. Today, the This Never Happened head has teamed up with Atlanta based producer OTR on a dream-inducing new track titled, “Shatter,” and it is a divine departure from Lane 8’s norm.

As an angelic piano line draws us ever closer, a collection of ethereal voices cast a hypnotic spell upon listeners. The ambient energy lulls us into a sedated state of bliss, but in the second act, a boost of percussive energy whisks us off into the heavens.

Laner never fails to provide the most soothing tracks and this newest checks all the boxes. Stream Lane 8 and OTR’s new collab “Shatter” below. Enjoy!

Lane 8 & OTR- Shatter