Lane 8 Shares Uplifting New ‘Spring 2021 Mixtape’

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The season’s our beginning to turn again, which means, of all things, that Lane 8 is back with a new seasonal mix. Today he’s uploaded his Spring 2021 Mixtape, and it’s a three-plus hour musical journey into his particular world of dreamy, melodic, house and techno.

There’s always something special about these mixes. The changing of the seasons can often bring significant changes into our daily lives as well. If things are starting to feel turbulent, you can always count on Lane 8 to bring you back down to earth with one of his mixtapes. This particular Spring mix is a major mood-booster, so we recommend diving right in.

You can stream Lane 8’s Spring 2021 Mixtape below. Enjoy!

Lane 8 – Spring 2021 Mixtape